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Superpro Basic Atmosphere Controller - Model AC 2 # Clearance Deal #

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Superpro Basic Atmosphere Controller - Model AC 2

The AC-2 Basic Digital Atmosphere Controller monitors and controls the atmosphere of the growing area by using precision sensors that measure the air temperature, humidity and lighting levels. The AC-2 then uses this information to activate  external fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters and CO2 equipment as needed to maintain optimum levels for indoor agriculture.  What sets the AC-2 apart from the competition?
  • Control temperature, humidity, CO2 and MORE.
  • Has separate settings for Day and Night.
  • Simple to operate, no confusing menus or complicated settings
  • The AC-2's remote digital temperature, humidity, and light sensor assembly can be located up to 5 Metres from the main controller enclosure.
  • Built-in, TIMED CO2 control function making CO2 use easy and inexpensive. The CO2 Timer could also be used as a daytime recycle timer to control a recycling pump, fan etc.
  • Measures and stores the Maximum and Minimum temperature and humidity levels to allow the user to quickly verify the equipment is working correctly and predictably.


Technical Data & Instructions:

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
Maximum current / power: 10A (~ 2200W)
Cable to the sensor: 5m
Control temperature range: 5-45 ° C
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1 ° C,
Temperature control interval (hysteresis) adjustable
Control humidity range: 5% to 95% RH
Accuracy humidity +/- 7% RH
Control interval (hysteresis) Humidity: adjustable
CO2 emissions include interval: 1 sec - 12 pm.
CO2 off period: 1 sec - 96 pm.
Weight: 2 kg;
Size: 223x210x92mm
Class Protection: IP20

Mount AC-2 wall.

Position sensor suitable place to receive relevant information about the environment - in an area with good circulation, at a suitable height, is not directly illuminated.

Turn the controller to power. Network and devices to the controller. Make sure you do not exceed the maximum power. In need of connecting more powerful appliances (air conditioner, dehumidifier or heating), use relay (contactor).

IMPORTANT: The sensor is not waterproof! Keep it away from water!
Adjust settings before connecting devices to the controller.

SENSITIVITY photocells

Press ENTER and UP simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds. The screen will show the current setting. Set of arrows. Greater value means higher sensitivity (ie low light will trigger the photocell). Press ENTER to enter a new setting.

Controller delivers electricity to its 4 conclusions:

COOLING OUTPUT (above left) - activates the cooling device (eg. Ventilation or air conditioning).

HUMIDITY OUTPUT (below right) - activates drying or moisturizing device.

NIGHT OUTPUT (top right) - activates the device to include in the dark period.

CO2 OUTPUT (bottom left) - activated device that fed CO2, or other apparatus at certain intervals. Note - the controller does not account for levels of CO2.


AC-2 is adjusted via the front panel buttons. Pressing any button to display but the corresponding function on the screen. Some keys have more than one function. Green indicator lights show features selected when you press the corresponding buttons do not.

ARROW - Election of a higher value

DOWN ARROW - to select a lower value

Enter / Reset - press and hold for 3 seconds. insertion of new settings

Temperature button
Temp day setting - Adjust the temperature in the light period.

Temp night setting - Adjust the temperature during the dark period.

Temp dead-band - Sets the control interval (hysteresis) temperature.

Humidity button

Humid setting - Set the humidity (for light or dark period). For setting the humidity during the light period, press once the display will show "day_rH". For setting the humidity during the dark period press twice, the display will show "nit_rH".

Humid mode - select mode "wet" (rH Incr) or "dry" (rH decr).

Humid dead-band - Sets the control interval (hysteresis) humidity.

CO2 Mode - Select mode. In mode "dAYlocK" conclusion "CO2" will be disconnected if "Cooling output" is included (ie ventilation work). In mode "dAYFrEE" conclusions "CO2" and "Cooling output" may be involved simultaneously. Use "dAYFrEE" if "Cooling output" commanding air.

CO2 ON time - Set the interval during which the conclusion "CO2" will be included.

CO2 OFF time - Sets the interval during which the conclusion "CO2" will be disconnected.

You can use the conclusion to "CO2" command to another type of device, for example. Pump circulation.

Temp & Humid lock - Lock or separation of the control of temperature and humidity. They can be controlled together (COnnEct) or separately (SPLit).

Select "COnnEct" when using ventilation to remove excess moisture. In this mode, the rise in temperature or humidity will include "Cooling output".

Select "SPLit" if you use ventilation (or air conditioning) cooling and a separate device to remove excess moisture. In this mode, the temperature rise will include "Cooling output", and humidity - "Humidity output"

Select "SPLit" if you use ventilation (or air conditioning) cooling and a separate device for increasing the humidity.

Min / Max Temp - Displays recorded minimum and maximum temperature. Press and hold the Enter / Reset to delete the stored values.

Min / Max Humid - Indicates recorded maximum and minimum humidity. Press and hold the Enter / Reset to delete the stored values.

To change the unit from ° F to ° C, press UP and DOWN and hold for 3 seconds.

Indicator lights
AC-2 can monitor temperature and humidity and warn of problems in equipment that powered.

In normal operation the controller temperaturaa and humidity will change smoothly. These changes are recorded by the controller. If the temperature or humidity do not change at all for 1 hour, the controller will turn off the instrument and the corresponding indicators for: flashes. This is a very important function that can prevent serious problems.

Example: LED "Cooling error" flashes. This means that either the device connected to the "Cooling output" is not included, or that the temperature sensor has a problem.

To delete the error, press the Enter / reset.