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Light Kit 250w Mag Ballast, Metal Halide Lamp & Small Defender Adjustawings

  • $199.00

Light Kit 250w Standard Ballast, 250w Metal Halide Lamp & Small Defender Adjustawings c/w Cable & Plug

1 x 250w Standard Ballast

1 x 250w Metal Halide Lamp

1 x Small Defender Adjustawings c/w Cable & Plug

Information for 250w HPS Standard Magnetic Ballast c/w Lead & Plug

This unit will run both 250w HPS & Metal Halide lamps 

Prewired with a 230v 3 Pin Standard Mains Plug and a Round Pin Earth Socket outlet 

Information for the Adjust-A-Wings Small White Defender c/w Lamp holder 4 Metre Lead and Plug

The Defender Reflector is an industrial strength model. The surface of the reflector is a ‘titanium white’ heat resistant powder coat that produces a very diffuse and even spread light foot print.

It maintains a reflective quality of 92%. The base metal is H18 aluminium alloy (3% magnesium) which is strong, yet springy, giving the reflector consistently perfect parabolic curves with even the roughest of handling – perfect for the grower with an ever changing grow room environment.

The Small Defender’s Overall dimension at its Widest Setting are 540mm x 380mm which works out Perfect for a 250w or 400w lamp 

The perfect shape Patented Double parabolic lighting reflector giving you twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors. The Defender is a very Sturdy reflector with the perfect shape and Corrosion resistant 92% reflective surface

Information for the 250w Metal Halide Tubular Lamp

Fine tuned to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth

Runs on HPS or Metal Halide Magnetic or Electronic control gear

Enhanced spectral energy distribution is designed to grow a wide variety of plants

Initial Lumens 21,000

Colour Temp 4200k

CRI 80

The Metal Halide retro-fit lamps run off High Pressure Sodium control gear, and are ideal for vigorous vegetative growth.

There is now no need to have two different ballasts, simply use the Metal Halide Retro lamp during vegetative growth, and change to a Super Plant HPS for flowering.This allows the grower to give the plants the perfect Grow (blue) spectrums and Bloom (red) spectrums for optimum plant growth, more compact plant structure and amazing high yields, while only needing one ballast.