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Light Kit 1000w Digi Quietline Ballast, Super Plant HPS Lamp & Large Enforcer Adjustawings

  • $355.00

Light Kit 1000w Digital Quietline No Fan Ballast, 1000w Super Plant HPS Lamp & Large Enforcer Adjustawings c/w Cable & Plug

1 x 1000w Digital Quietline No fan Ballast

1 x 1000w Super Plant HPS Lamp

1 x Large Enforcer Adjustawings c/w Cable & Plug

Information for 1000w HPS & Metal Halide NO FAN Digital Ballast - Adjustable output - Quiet Line

Extremely high frequency

Soft start program to allow multiple ballasts to start at the same time

4 Settings 600w - 750w - 1000w - 1000w Super lumen

Runs on 230 volt power, 50 hertz or 60 hertz

Power Factor of 99.9% 

Works with both HPS (High pressure sodium) and MH (Metal halide) lamps 

No Cooling fan runs quiet

External breaker system protects against power surges 

Key electronic components are from Japan to ensure a longer lifespan 

Information for the Enforcer reflector by Hygro International the new and competitively priced Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer reflector. Designed to appeal to the soaring number of gardeners eager to benefit from Hygro’s patented technologies but unable to afford products from within the elite Avenger range. The finish on the Enforcer Wings is an 83 to 86% reflective film that is guaranteed (for 3 years) not to oxidise, tarnish or delaminate from the high tensile horticultural grade base aluminium. The Enforcers are made by skilled workers to Hygro’s exact dimensions, using carefully selected high quality materials and fittings. They have undergone rigorous trials and quality control testing before baring the Adjust A Wings logo. We are 100% sure that you will be impressed !!!  

Information for the 1000w Super Plant Lamp HPS for Electronic Ballasts

Super Plant lamps are Fine tuned to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth

They Provide up to 15% more available energy for plant growth than standard high pressure sodium lamps

Enhanced spectral energy distribution is designed to grow a wide variety of plants

Initial Lumens 140,000

Colour Temp 2100k