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LED Hellion 700w 8 Bar - 3 Channel Controllable Spectrum - Full spectrum LED Grow Light

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LED Hellion 700w 8 Bar - 3 Channel Controllable Spectrum - Full spectrum LED Grow Light

2.7 µmol/J - 3 Channel on board control with RJ11 Ports for Group Control 

HELLION VS3 Horticultural LED the ultimate combination of power, efficiency and versatility using only the best Samsung LM301h 3k & 5k, Osram 660nm Red & Osram 730nm Far Red plus Seoul 395 UV 50,000 hour rated LED Diodes

Using unique Adjusta A Wing designed micro reflectors for even intense and deeper penetration 

We offer four different HELLION VS3 LED models—250W, 510W, 700W and 1000W. Check that you have adequate space (both vertically and horizontally) for your grow light. 

BPF (Bioactive Photon Flux/280 - 800nm) includes PAR + UV/Near Blue + Far Red/Near IR. 

700w PPF 1,850 µmol/s - BPF 1,925 µmol/s suitable area 1200mm x 1200mm

Hanging height 450mm to 600mm can be operated at 300mm to 450mm when channels dimmed to 75% or less

Dial in the perfect spectrum equipped with 3 x independent channels (VEG, BLOOM, UV) for spectral diversity and control. The VEG channel is full-spectrum, rich in Blue. BLOOM is also full-spectrum, rich in Red + Far Red, and UV provides UVA + Near Blue for a fine finish!

Propagation - Gradually increase the intensity of the vegetative channel as your plants develop. Some UV can help to strengthen seedlings and cuttings.

Vegetative growth - Blue dominant spectrum helps to keep plants squat and bushy, making them easier to illuminate efficiently during the bloom phase.

Bloom - Increase the Bloom channel after the initial development of flowers. The extra Red and Far Red promote branching and help to increase flower size and density.

Flower ripening - Additional UV during the final few weeks can help to boost flavours, colours and essential oils. Try leaving all channels on full and raising the fixture 50mm to 100mm if ceiling height permits.

Easy assembly - The light bars simply click in and clip out with no need to connect any cables

You may also want to consider the Hellion Master control if you want to dial in your perfect spectral recipe from sunrise to sunset across all 3 channels, simply set and forget

Unit dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm includes an allowance for power cable entry and access to the spectrum adjusting dials 

Other sizes:

250w PPF 620 µmol/s - BPF 650 µmol/s suitable area 750mm x 750mm

510w PPF 1,325 µmol/s - BPF 1,375 µmol/s suitable area 1000mm x 1000mm

1000w PPF 2,700 µmol/s - BPF 2,800 µmol/s suitable area 1500mm x 1500mm