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Hellion 315w CMH Electronic Ballast - Adjust-A-Wings

  • $269.00

Adjust-A-Wings Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Electronic Ballast with 2.5 metre Input Power Cord 

Get ready for the industry’s most advanced 315w and efficient CMH lighting

The secret is Adjust-A-Wings engineering their own lamp e-ballast 

The new 315w SE CMH lighting system delivers an improved, continuous spectrum compared with first generation CMH lamps. Additionally, growers can benefit from higher output, improved efficiency and longer lamp life. The years of research, dedication and trials have paid off!

Lamps are available in 3K and 4K colours, the kit comes with a 4K lamp. The 4Ks (additional blue) are ideal for all stages of plant growth and can be used to enhance the spectrum of HPS or DE-HPS throughout flowering. The 3Ks are great standalone lamps, ideal for all stages of growth and particularly flowering.

The Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector uses composite, highly reflective materials (PVD aluminium and a high-tech Titanium Oxide reflector coating) to provide a super-accurate and uniform lighting footprint.

The same great spectrum as the 630w DE CMH in a smaller package, ideal for smaller grow spaces and for mixing between HPS lamps to enhance spectral diversity. The SE-CMH lighting kit comes with a unique 315W 4K lamp with E40 mogul base and specialist Ultra High Frequency (150KHz) e-ballast (remotely mounted). This is an affordable, reliable no nonsense package that can easily cover a 1.0 metre x 1.0 metre canopy to power explosive and expressive full term growth or 1.2 metre x 1.2 metre vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth.

The Perfect Pair

We designed the Hellion 315W SE-CMH lamps and the e-ballast to work together for optimal performance. Engineering these essential lighting system components together is key to achieving our industry-leading output, efficiency and lamp lifespan.

7.5% Higher Output than Philips 315W Elite 9042

Our 4K 315W SE-CMH lamp has more deep red than any other 4K lamp to drive yield as well as enhanced flavours.

Get ready for industry-leading performance and efficiency from the new 315w Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting system!