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Easyroller 2 Pack Light Hanger

Easyroller 2 Pack Light Hanger

  • $10.00

Easyroller 2 Pack Light Hanger

- Allows for easy height adjustment

- Pair supports up to 11 kg

An easy way to adjust the height of reflectors in the grow room.

Easyroller Light Hangers can save you so much time and hassle, it's incredibly easy to ensure your lights are always at the optimum height for your plants. Suspend your light reflector from a pair and then adjust its height simply by gently pulling it up or down. 

Fix your Easyroller Hangers to a ceiling or grow tent roof pole 

Fasten the Light Hanger rope to your reflector 

Adjust the wing nut tension so your reflector remains in position after being raised or lowered, you don't need to over tighten the wing nut.

By positioning growing lights close to plants you get the most from them. Start off with the lights hung low, nice and close to the plant, then as the plants grow, adjust the light hangers to move the lighting higher. The lights and reflector will always be in the optimal position, and you can avoid plants 'burning' from the light's heat with ease.