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Hellion HPS DE 600w - 750w UHF Medium Defender Kitset - Adjust-A-Wings

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Hellion HPS DE 600w - 750w UHF Medium Defender Kitset - Adjust-A-Wings

Hellion UHF Digital Ballast switchable output 450w - 600w - 750w    

Hellion UHF 750W DE-HPS Lamp

Hellion DE Lamp Adaptor (adjustable) 

Hellion Medium Defender Reflector Hellion Super-Spreader Cords for 240V Power  (facilitates both remote and on-board ballast configurations)

The brand-new Hellion 600/750W DE-HPS Lighting System from Adjust-A-Wings is here!  After years of research and  development, the Hellion  represents everything we know about high intensity grow light solutions and has been engineered specifically for growing and flowering heat-sensitive crops.

This revolutionary, state-of-the-art lighting system outputs more photons, delivers higher system efficiency and requires fewer lamp replacements than other DE-HPS fixtures.

The Hellion is a complete, integrated indoor plant lighting solution—designed with logic, efficiency, usability and common sense in mind rather than brute force, compromise and waste!

DE-HPS technology represents a massive improvement in terms of raw lamp efficiency—but its potential has scarcely been realised in greenhouse style fixtures which have to be positioned high above the plants to allow space for the concentrated radiant heat emissions to dissipate. 

The Hellion 600/750W DE-HPS Lighting System delivers the full potential of DE-HPS UHF/400V efficiency at close range to your plants while remaining cool and minimising wasted light. 

The Adjust-A-Wings growing philosophy is markedly different to lighting manufacturers coming from the greenhouse industry. Our patented double-parabolic reflector and Super-Spreader allow growers to bring their lamps as close as 45 cm (18”) to their plants, even on 750W setting, without losing light coverage, burning tops or causing heat stress. This close placement brings all-important intense, angular and penetrating light deep into the entire plant canopy, leading to significantly increased rates of photosynthesis and flower site stimulation. The result is more homogeneous, full plant production with bigger yields from healthier, more reliable plants.

Our specially designed Hellion DE-HPS lamp runs perfectly at both 600W and 750W settings with no significant spectral degradation or efficiency loss. Furthermore, the ballast and lamp are ready to use straight out of the box and do not require running in or seasoning for 100 hours. 


Built for the job. Designed for light-hungry, plants.  

Perfectly tuned. Hellion is a complete kit (e-ballast, lamp, reflector) that’s been designed and fine-tuned to work perfectly together. Call it harmonic synergy—this is a match made in horticultural heaven!

Always efficient. The Hellion DE-HPS lamp produces the same photon efficiency at 600W and 750W settings without any  significant spectral degradation.

DE-HPS for everyone. The Hellion is ideal for growers with regular height ceilings or standard height grow tents (200 – 220 cm) who have previously been shut out of DE-HPS technology due to lack of vertical space.

Fully adjustable. Enjoy five reflector width settings and mimic the seasons to drive your plant perfectly through its lifecycle. Five lamp height positions help you to fine tune the intensity in the area predominantly beneath the lamp.

Fewer lamp change-outs. The lamp runs cooler in our open Defender reflector as heat can naturally escape. This prolongs the working life of the lamp by up to 50%!

Whole plant production. Closer placement means deeper canopy penetration and increased yields. 

Homogenous crop maturity. A more uniform lighting footprint and temperature gradient means the entire crop develops and  matures at the same time, leading to more cycles per year.