Worm Castings 100% Natural 10 Litre Bag

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Worm Castings 100% Natural 10 Litre Bag

Nature’s Superior Plant Nutrient and Growth Stimulant

Worm castings are natures alternative to chemical fertilisers.

Independent tests have achieved 145% increase in plant growth.

Using just 20% Worm castings in a potting medium with no other fertiliser added promote strong healthy plants that tend to be more disease resistant. The beneficial micro-organisms that are present in worm castings will continue to colonise the surrounding soil releasing previously unavailable minerals.

Worm Castings are produced from organic waste that has been fed to composting Tiger worms.

  • Healthy plants grow: immediately available nutrients
  • Higher yields of plants: plant growth is enhanced
  • More worms arrive: attracted to the castings and delivering plenty of worm eggs in the vermicast
  • Moisture retention: Roots stretch deeper into soils, accessing moisture available at lower levels
  • Soil health is improved with biological activity
  • Soil structure is enhanced with increased humus
  • Nutrient leaching is reduced – less need for chemical fertilsers

For impressive results with :

• Annuals & vegetables mix worm castings under each seedling & around plants.
• Potted plants mix worm castings in the potting mix & around plants.
• Small trees & plants sprinkled worm castings out to the drip line.