Superpro Digital Environmental Controller - Model DDAC 1

Superpro Digital Environmental Controller - Model DDAC 1

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Superpro Digital Environmental Controller - Model DDAC 1

The DDAC-1 features a precision NDIR carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that measures the level of CO2 up to 2500 PPM. The DDAC-1 also contains a series of precision sensors that maintain the atmosphere of the growing area by measuring air 

temperature, humidity and lighting levels. The DDAC-1 receives information from the sensors and activates external fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters, and CO2 equipment as needed to maintain optimum levels for indoor agriculture. 

Until now, this simple idea was easier said than done.



1.       Features a remote sensor assembly that measures temperature, humidity, CO2 PPM, and light all in a small water-resistant enclosure that can be located up to 5 Metres from the main controller enclosure.

2.       FOUR separate power outlets used to connect external devices such as fans, CO2 generators, heaters and dehumidifiers. Each external device easily connects to the unit creating a simple and user friendly "plug & play" set up.

3.       Simple-to-understand pushbutton settings and a green LED display. DDAC-1 may look complicated to the novice grower, but do not be intimidated it is VERY easy to use.

4.       Each unit comes pre-programmed with the recommended settings however, the DDAC-1 is extremely flexible and capable of customization to accommodate a wide range of growing environments.

5.       Capable of expansion in order to control higher quantities or larger devices simply by adding a "Power-Multiplier Module" which will be available soon.

6.       The DDAC-1 can be all a grower needs to effectively monitor and control an indoor growing environment, even from a remote location.  The "Remote Monitoring Software" allows the user to monitor and alter growing conditions remotely from a PC or laptop. This software can also data-log or chart a grow room's environmental conditions.