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Propagation Chamber 500mm x 250mm x 280mm Twin Adjustable Vents

  • $19.00

Propagation Chamber 500mm x 250mm x 280mm Twin Adjustable Vents

Increases the humidity and moisture for faster healthier germination & rooting

Straight vertical sides allow use of entire tray area   

Two top vents of dome can be opened or closed

Providing the optimum environment can decrease germination time, improve uniformity and increase the number of seeds or cuttings that germinate. 

Suits 72 Cell propagation tray

Critical factors for germination include moisture, oxygen, temperature and light.

Seeds from the packet are at 4 – 12% moisture content. To germinate this needs to be increased to 25 to 50%.  Select a growing media like rockwool cubes that has good water holding capacity, adequate drainage and allows good contact with the seed is important.  

Temperature is also important, testing by several universities has found that each species has a range of temperature that is best for germination. For some such as Marigolds, almost complete germination will take place at any temperature between 10°C and 30°C.  Others have a much narrower range, such as Freesia that germinates only between 12°C and 18°C

Light requirements vary with the species, with cuttings light is always required. With seeds once germinated adequate light is required to prevent stretching.

Fluorescent lamps are the common choice for providing the light needed for cuttings and seedlings.

T-5 fluorescent lamps installed horrizontally and evenly are most common and are usually more cost effective. 

LED lights are becoming popular for germination and propagation as well.