pH Test Kit Flairform

pH Test Kit Flairform

  • $15.00

pH Test Kit Flairforma simple drop pH tester

  • Super concentrated - ONE drop per test - approximately 800 tests.

  • pH range 4.0 to 8.0

  • Produces fast pH readings

  • Waterproof colour chart on side of bottle

  • Perfect back-up for die-hard pH meter users

  • Supplied with sturdy test tube

What should the pH of nutrient solution be?

Ideally, the pH should be maintained at 6.0 as at this point, a drift of half a pH point down to 5.5 or up to 6.5 is entirely acceptable. It will fluctuate, so maintaining the pH between 5.5 and 6.5 is fine. A short time a bit outside of this range should not cause any real problems but try to keep it within the recommended levels as much as possible. When the pH is outside the recommended range the plant will not be able to take up certain vital nutrients and therefore the growth will slow and in severe cases the plant will starve. 

Why does the pH of my nutrient solution go UP?

Assuming your system is set up correctly, this is normal and desirable in the vegetative period. It means that the plants are growing strongly, as they should be. If it occurs later than about four weeks into the bloom period it may mean that nitrogen levels are too high. Another cause of dramatic fluctuation of the pH is the reservoir being too small to cope with normal pH fluctuation. 

Why does the pH of my nutrient solution go DOWN?

Assuming your system is set up correctly, this will often occur in the bloom phase as the plants take up nutrients in different ratios. Normally, the pH drop is not as large as the pH rise in the growth phase. If it does drop significantly it could be root diseases attacking your plants or an undersized reservoir.  Always check your roots for disease 

How accurate is Flairform’s pH Test Kit?
When using a pH Test Kit you will get accurate results every time. Even if electronic pH meters are properly maintained, they are still susceptible to error because lower quality electrodes respond to foreign 'species' (e.g. sodium). For this reason, if using an electronic pH meter, many growers will choose to occasionally cross check their readings with a Flairform pH Test Kit