Light Kit 400w Digi Blackline Ballast, Lucagrow GE HPS Lamp & Medium Avenger Adjustawings

  • $349.00

Light Kit 400w Digital Blackline Ballast, 400w Lucagrow GE HPS Lamp & Medium Avenger Adjustawings c/w Cable & Plug

1 x 400w Digital Blackline Ballast

1 x 400w Lucagrow GE HPS Lamp

1 x Medium Avenger Adjustawings c/w Cable & Plug

Information for 400w HPS & Metal Halide Digital Ballast - Adjustable output - Fan cooled - Blackline

Extremely high frequency

Soft start program to allow multiple ballasts to start at the same time

4 Settings 150w - 250w - 400w - 400w Super lumen

Runs on 230 volt power, 50 hertz or 60 hertz 

Works with both HPS (High pressure sodium) and MH (Metal halide) lamps 

External breaker system protects against power surges 

Key electronic components are from Japan to ensure a longer lifespan  

Information for the Adjust-A-Wings Medium Avenger c/w Spreader & Lamp holder

This is the “top of the range" model & the super reflective surface (95 to 97% reflection) is vapour coated with molten glass and titanium dioxide. PVD / Ceramic coated. This is the most reflective & most durable reflective surface known to science at this time. It will maintain full reflection for up to 20 yrs. This range has been sold in the USA & Canada since 2008 & in New Zealand, Australia, Europe & the UK since 2003.

Information for the 400w Lucagrow HPS Lamp GE

A high pressure sodium tubular lamp to bring your plants to life!

From GE’s invention of HPS lighting in 1965 to today’s advanced sources, GE Lucagrow™ High Pressure Sodium lamps have led the way in quality and innovation. GE’s exclusive amalgam reservoir design works to increase life expectancy and improve lumen maintenance. With efficiencies approaching 137 lumens per watt, GE Lucagrow™ lamps are the most efficient light source available with acceptable colour rendering. High efficiency results in lower operating costs and thus a lower electricity bill. Lucagrow™ lamps have an average rated life of up to 28,500 hours. Long life means lower replacement and maintenance costs.

The light globe alternative to natural light features:

• Complements Natural Sunlight
• Ideal for more consistent and controlled plant growth
• Long life of up to 28,500 hours
• A True high output lamp which provides up to 20% light than standard HPS lamps
• Excellent light output over the life of the lamp
• Fully interchangeable with High Pressure Sodium Lamps