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Hellion CMH DE 630w Medium Defender Kitset - Adjust-A-Wings

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Hellion CMH DE 630w Medium Defender Kitset - Adjust-A-Wings

Kit contains:

Adjust-A-Wings Medium Defender Reflector
Adjust-A-Wings DE Lamp Adaptor (Adjustable)
Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Dimmable Low Frequency Square Wave Electronic Ballast (with 0-10V controller ports)
Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 630W DE-CMH 3K Lamp Type O Double Jacket Lamp for extra safety
Adjust-A-Wings Super Spreader
Adjust-A-Wings Reflector Connector 

The E-ballast has a 230v 2.5 meter Input Power Cord, also supplied is a 3.5 metre extension cord for remote placement of e-ballast or extension of input power cord length when run with ballast on-board using the reflector connector. 

Get ready for the industry’s most advanced and efficient CMH lighting system.

The secret is Adjust-A-Wings engineering their own lamp, e-ballast, reflector and Super Spreader to work together as a complete lighting system. The result is unmatched output and efficiency in its class.

The new 630w DE - CMH lighting system delivers an improved, continuous spectrum compared with first generation CMH lamps. Additionally, growers can benefit from higher output, improved efficiency and longer lamp life. The years of research, dedication and trials have paid off!

Lamps are available in 3K and 4K colours, the kit comes with a 3K lamp. The 4Ks (additional blue) are ideal for all stages of plant growth and can be used to enhance the spectrum of HPS or DE-HPS throughout flowering. The 3Ks are great standalone lamps, ideal for all stages of growth and particularly flowering. The 630w DE lamp is built with 2 x 315w lamp filaments. 

The Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector uses composite, highly reflective materials (PVD aluminium and a high-tech Titanium Oxide reflector coating) to provide a super-accurate and uniform lighting footprint.

Get ready for industry-leading performance and efficiency from the new 630w Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting system!

High intensity light with an unbeatable spectrum, ideal for all stages of growth, particularly flowering. They excel when used in chequerboard formation with Hellion DE-HPS to create an insanely productive mixed spectrum lighting plan. With wings set wide they easily cover 1.5m x 1.0m for flowering or 1.8m x 1.2m for early veg / mother plant production. With wings adjusted to narrow settings, square canopies in the range of 1.2m x 1.2m (flowering) to 1.5m x1.5m (veg/mother) can also be covered.

This state-of-the-art DE-CMH lighting kit offers unmatched efficiency, uniformity, light spread, spectral quality and cooler operating temperatures.

Key grower benefits include: closer placement, deeper canopy penetration, explosive growth, shorter internodal length and increased production of essential oils.

Unlock The Power of Deep Spectral Mixing

Professional growers are already aware of the increase in crop quality made possible through mixing the spectrums of HPS and CMH lamps. However the greenhouse-style fixtures that they commonly use require high placement above the canopy which reduces radiant intensity (as opposed to overall intensity measured on a PAR meter) and limits yield.

By combining DE-HPS with DE-CMH and using Adjust-A-Wings plus Super Spreaders, growers can mix spectrums and maintain high radiant intensity, fully unlocking the “Emerson Effect” to drive production (whole plant) for improved yields and quality.

The Adjust A Wings 630W CMH ballasts were designed and fine-tuned to operate in unison with Adjust A Wings 630W DE lamps.

The project took 4 years of meticulous design & testing. Ballasts + lamps that are tuned to operate in harmony output significantly more & last longer !

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 5%.  THD of below 5% is very difficult to achieve & is a universal mark of excellence in the world of ballast performance

Adjust A Wings CMH lamps contain the highest quality Japanese Ceramic arc tubes packed with custom blended Japanese amalgam for the best spectrum, highest output and longest life.  

PAR output at 630W = 1200 umol for 3100K lamp and 1210 umol for 4200K lamp

Efficiency 1.90 – 1.92 umol/watt

We recommend to replace your 630W CMH lamps every 12 – 18 months at this stage they may have lost 7 – 8% of their initial output. Only use Type O Double Jacket lamps for extra safety, Single Jacket lamps are not recommended at all.