Coco Earth 50 Litre Bag

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Coco Earth 50 Litre Bag

The Ready-to-go Coir Substrate Growing Medium

Ingredients: 100% Coir, pH 5.8 – 6.2, EC <0.5 MSC, Weight 9kg 

CocoEarth ensures the perfect combination of moisture, nutrient and air allowing plants and crops to flourish.

Galuku provides consistent quality coir substrates with OMRI certification for use in organic cultivation

Galuku Coir Substrate is ready for use in Elevated Gardens, Green Walls, Rooftop Gardens, Hydroponic Cultivation, Seed Raising and Planting Mixes. All these above-ground growing systems thrive and show marked improvement in plant health when CocoEarth is used. This is due to its unique properties that maximize growth.

Even under adverse climatic conditions root health is maintained. It is essential that a complete and balanced liquid nutrient specific for your crop and growing systems are used in conjunction with CocoEarth.

Being lightweight, CocoEarth is ideal for Green Walls and Roof Top Gardens where the weight of substrate can be a constraint. CocoEarth is ideally mixed with other lightweight inorganic materials such as scoria or pumice to further reduce weight loadings.

CocoEarth’s consistent coir substrate properties are ideal in Hydroponics, including recirculating and free drain systems. The high lignin content of CocoEarth makes it highly resistant to breakdown and hence resists change over time. The natural fungicidal properties of CocoEarth are effective in greatly reducing the incidence of root diseases. Electrical conductivity and pH consistency are easily achieved with CocoEarth.

Commonly used for: 

 Equal to Coco Fibre Professional Plus 50 Litre Bag Canna