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8 Litre Easyfil Planter bag Coir - Coco Earth

8 Litre Easyfil Planter bag Coir - Coco Earth

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Galuku Easyfil Coco Earth Planter bag features a patented Easyfil Planter bag. It saves money by reducing labour & material costs serving as both the growing media and growing container in one product.

Galuku Coir substrates usually known as Coco Coir or Coco Peat are 100% Organic and free from chemical additives and soil disease, pH range of 5.8 – 6.2, Electrical conductivity (Salt concentration indicator) < 0.5 MSC, 50 Litre bag weighs only 9kg 

The Air-Filled Porosity (AFP) and Water Holding Capacity (WHC) in Galuku substrates are engineered for a wide range of crop varieties. Getting a good combination of AFP and WHC is important for successful plant growth. Coco Earth ensures the perfect combination of moisture, nutrient and air allowing plants and crops to flourish with a 30% Air Filled Porosity, 60% Water Holding Capacity, 50% Water Retention Efficiency

Coco Earth’s consistent coir substrate properties are ideal in Hydroponics, including recirculating and free drain systems. The high lignin content of Coco Earth makes it highly resistant to breakdown and hence resists change over time. The natural fungicidal properties of Coco Earth are effective in greatly reducing the incidence of root diseases. Electrical conductivity and pH consistency are easily achieved with Coco Earth. Even under adverse climatic conditions root health is maintained. It is essential that a complete and balanced liquid nutrient specific for your crop and growing systems are used in conjunction with Coco Earth.

Galuku provides consistent quality coir substrates with OMRI certification for use in organic cultivation, study’s show growing systems thrive and have a marked improvement in plant health when Coco Earth is used.

What is Coir?, Coir describes the fibrous matter of the coconut husk surrounding the hard inner shell of the coconut which contains the coconut flesh and milk. The longer fibrous material has been used for centuries to make ropes favoured by mariners in Asia and the Middle East as well as doormats, brushes and mattresses. What is less known is that amongst those longer fibres are highly absorbent and porous minuscule particles made up of minute tubes which trap and retain liquid. It is this material which previously was a waste product that we call Coco Peat. In contrast to other growing mediums Coco Peat is truly a renewable resource.

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