315w Ceramic Metal Halide - CMH Integrated Fixture Armour Series

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315w Ceramic Metal Halide - CMH Integrated Fixture Armour Series

- The 315W ceramic metal halide grow light fixture is a sophisticated all-in-one grow light system designed to optimize yield with a lower operating temperature and lower energy consumption when compared to alternative HID lights.

- The cleverly constructed  built-in 315W digital ballast is comprised of the highest quality components to deliver a high intensity & full spectrum output.

- LOW HEAT It is important to keep grow room at an ideal temperature. CMH grow lights run much cooler than traditional lights. Because of the low heat output, they are perfect for small spaces like tents, closets or spare rooms.

- FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT Plants evolved to use the entire range of sunlight-bothshort and long wavelengths. CMH grow lights provide full spectrum, one bulb can be used for both veg and bloom stages, during a full-cycle growing.

- ENERGY EFFICIENT HIGH YIELD There is no doubt that the most important attribute  of any bulb is its yield per watt. Compare with traditional MH or HPS bulbs, CMH grow lights produce an equivalent amount of light at about half watts!

PGZ18 lamp socket 

Lamp sold seperately in 3000K or 4000K